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Brut Tradition

95% Pinot Noir and 5% Chardonnay


Spearhead of our Champagnes, it is often the one by which you discover us. Composed mainly of Pinot Noir, it is the reflection of our Terroir. Pleasant with its fruity side, it will delight your guests on all occasions. This one is offered as Brut and Semi-Sec.

Brut Rosé

85% Pinot Noir and 15% Chardonnay


In a word: Gourmand. Its soft and tender color invites you to breathe it. On the nose the aromas of red fruits and its slight vinosity make you desire it. You have only one desire: to taste it.


2nd best rating in the "Guide les Meilleurs Vins à petits prix" editions 2010. (Revue des Vins de France). 

Brut Réserve

70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay

Beautiful straw-yellow color, the effervescence is manifested by a myriad of fine bubbles. This cuvée will seduce you with its notes of red fruits and spices. Its little touch of citrus refines this beautiful blend.


Best rating in the "Guide les Meilleurs Vins à moins de 20 €" editions 2012 and 2014.

Pure White

70% Chardonnay and 30% Pinot Blanc


Our gem. You will appreciate the subtle balance between the finesse of Chardonnay and the roundness of Pinot Blanc. You will be charmed by the aromas of white fruits (vine peach in particular) punctuated by a tart finish.


A star in the Guide Hachette 2012 and citation in 2014. 


75% Chardonnay and 25% Pinot Noir


Finesse and elegance: our most beautiful Chardonnay play their score accompanied by a touch of Pinot Noirs to temper their ardour. Precise aromas, a delicate effervescence, a cuvée all in subtlety but with a well-affirmed character.


Best rating in the "Guide les Meilleurs Vins à petits prix" edition 2010 and citation in 2011 (Revue des Vins de France). A star in the Guide Hachette 2012 and citation in 2014.


No pre-established rules during the blending of this Vintage


A single objective: to highlight the typicality of an exceptional harvest. Confidence will know how to wait patiently for its peak before seducing you. 

Mademoiselle C. 

100% Pinot Noir


A generous dosage gives this Cuvée Rosée sweetness and gluttony. A well-balanced roundness, a mouth all in fruit: a delicious treat.

Xtra • B 

Extra-Brut cuvée


Since 2008, each harvest has left its mark on this Champagne from our perpetual reserve. Every frost, every storm, every heat wave... brings liveliness, complexity, and elegance to this characterful cuvée.


Blending of champagne spirits and grapes must.




It is with pleasure that we welcome you to visit our estate and taste our cuvées.


Our bottles

Half bottle (375 mL) only available for "Brut Tradition". 

Bottle (750 mL)

Magnum (150 mL)

Jeroboam (300 mL) only upon request.

Packing : box of 6 bottles or 6 half bottles. 

Mixed bottles available. 


champagnes Marin by C&B


95% Pinot Noir and 5% Chardonnay

Available from October 2021.

Cuvée from Pinot Noir: one of the noble grape varieties of Champagne.

A friendly, fruity, and thirst-quenching champagne, this is a companion for any occasion. It will accompany you for the aperitif and the beginning of a meal.


70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay

Available from October 2021.

A caress of freshness, blending beautiful Chardonnay with a touch of Pinot Noir, and a creamy foam. A cuvée all in subtlety and elegance that will delight your taste buds with an aperitif and crustaceans.

Le plaisir en rose

85% Pinot Noir and 15% Chardonnay

Available from October 2021.

Gluttony, a basket of small red fruits bringing you crunchiness and freshness, and a silky fruitiness.

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